Leipzig Heart Institute

The Leipzig Cardiology Center is one of the best medical institutions in Europe, specializing in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases. The clinic works in close cooperation with the Leipzig Heart Institute. The scientific activity of the institute and the practical work of the cardio center is a productive union, which gives real and effective results in the study, treatment and prevention of cardiac diseases.

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About clinic

The Leipzig Cardiology Center is part of the Helios Group and is part of the Helios Leipzig Park Clinic. The Leipzig Cardiology Center specializes in the surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The top of the achievements of the joint activities of the clinic and the Heart Institute are the innovations introduced into the international cardiac standards of treatment. In conducting the treatment process, the doctors of the Center are guided by the recommendations of international organizations, adopt new proven methods and their achievements in the field of cardiology.

Leipzig cardiologists are actively using such a therapeutic technique as an interdisciplinary approach. Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of diseases by specialists in various fields significantly increase the chances of patients to recover and speed up rehabilitation. These figures in the Leipzig hospital are higher than the European average. This is greatly facilitated by the fact that more than 70 percent of cardiac interventions are performed with minimally invasive methods.

The center is a European leader in the field of cardiology, where highly qualified experienced surgeons perform surgical interventions with the utmost precision, safety and using the most effective and advanced treatment methods.

All branches of the medicine in clinic

Prices for procedures


Abdominal ultrasound Price on request
Biochemical blood test Price on request
Bronchoscopy Price on request
Capillary microscopy Price on request
Cardio Check-up 1990 USD
Chest CT Price on request
Coagulogram Price on request
Comprehensive diagnosis of the heart and blood vessels 3930 USD - 5959 USD
Consultation of a cardiac surgeon Price on request
Consultation of a cardiologist Price on request
Consultation of a dentist Price on request
Consultation of a urologist Price on request
Consultation of an otolaryngologist Price on request
Coronary angiography Price on request
CT Price on request
Daily monitoring of ECG Price on request
Digital subtraction angiography of pelvic and leg vessels Price on request
Digital subtraction angiography of the supraortic vessels Price on request
Dopplerography Price on request
ECG Price on request
Echocardiography Price on request
Ergometry Price on request
Gynecologist's consultation Price on request
Holter monitoring Price on request
Laboratory tests Price on request
Load tests Price on request
Mapping Price on request
MRI Price on request
MRI of the heart Price on request
Pulmonologist's consultation Price on request
Radiologist's advice Price on request
Transesophageal echocardiography Price on request
Treadmill test Price on request
Ultrasound Price on request
Ultrasound of the carotid arteries Price on request
Ultrasound of the heart Price on request
X-ray Price on request

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