Switzerland is a country that provides exemplary medical services and guaranteed professional patient care. A distinctive feature of Swiss clinics is also the provision of excellent service and accommodation of patients in hospitals that are not inferior in comfort to five-star hotels.

The sphere of medical services in the country is one of the priority areas of the national economy. Therefore, great attention is paid to the training of doctors, equipping clinics with advanced equipment and developing new drugs.

Treatment in Swiss clinics for patients from Ukraine is attractive with the highest level of service, the availability of innovative procedures and the ability to combine therapy with first-class recreation and tourism.

Prices for procedures


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Diagnostic and treatment programs

Benefits and features of treatment in Switzerland

Treatment and diagnostic protocols

The treatment process in all medical institutions of the country is built in accordance with international standards of treatment.

Availability of a fundamental medical base

Swiss hospitals and medical centers are equipped with the latest generation of equipment and provided with the best medicines, mainly of national production, which is considered the most advanced and one of the most progressive in the world.

Diagnosing patients in Switzerland

A distinctive feature of the work of the country’s medical system is the mandatory passage of diagnostic procedures in the clinic where the treatment is paid for. Therefore, before traveling to Switzerland for treatment, Ukrainian patients do not need to first make a diagnosis at the place of residence. Since Swiss doctors take only the diagnosis established in their hospital as the basis for therapy.

Impeccable reputation of Swiss doctors

Attending physicians in hospitals and centers, as a rule, have at least twenty years of clinical experience in their field and are required to undergo internships in the best medical centers in the world. Friendly relations are maintained among the medical staff, team building activities are welcomed, which properly affects the emotional atmosphere in the hospital and the relationship between the staff of the institution and patients.

Top-notch nursing in Switzerland

Specially trained staff brilliantly cope with the tasks of caring for seriously ill patients and people who need special attention. In addition, local clinics guarantee the confidentiality of treatment. Therefore, if you are faced with the question, where is the best place to treat mental disorders and conduct effective rehabilitation? The answer is obvious – in Switzerland.

Choice of treatment options in Switzerland

The country practices a loyal attitude towards the desire of patients to carry out outpatient treatment or improve their health at a day hospital, if this does not contradict the treatment methodology.

Ideal conditions for accommodation in Switzerland

The clinics of the country are famous for their luxurious conditions for accommodating patients, elite service and unsurpassed beauty of the places where medical complexes are located. In their feedback, patients from Ukraine indicate that these factors played an important role in their choice of a country for treatment.

Leading directions and procedures in Switzerland

It is beneficial for Ukrainians to come to Switzerland for treatment in the following medical areas:

  • Plastic surgery – rhinoplasty, braces, mammoplasty, stem cell treatment, etc.
  • Ophthalmology – diagnostics, surgical interventions.
  • Gynecology – problems with reproductive functions, childbirth.
  • Surgery – all types of interventions.
  • Psychiatry – therapy, rehabilitation.
  • Oncology – diagnostics, conservative and surgical treatment.

In every field of medicine there are highly qualified specialists and eminent professors, so treatment in Switzerland is always a sign of quality and a guarantee of improving the health of patients.
The following procedures are considered to be in demand and affordable in Swiss clinics:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.
  • Liposuction.
  • Radiation therapy for lung cancer.
  • Cataract surgery (both eyes).
  • Plasma hair therapy.
  • Target therapy.

Prices for treatment in Switzerland

Prices for treatment in Swiss hospitals may be higher than in other European countries, but the cost of procedures and other medical activities corresponds to their high quality. The treatment bill depends on the number of screenings performed, medications prescribed, or the complexity of the operation.

Some prices for procedures in Swiss hospitals are listed on our website. For example, here is the cost of procedures in Swiss clinics, which are popular among Ukrainian medical tourists:

  • Caesarean section: 22370 USD.
  • Cardiologist consultation: 830-1067 USD.
  • MRI of one department: 1542 USD.
  • Rhinoplasty: 18979 USD.
  • Childbirth: 22258 USD.

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