Oncology in the modern sense is a rapidly developing science-intensive branch of health care that studies the appearance of neoplasms, the development of tumor processes and their therapy. Foreign clinical oncologists, together with specialist researchers, are doing a huge amount of work to find effective methods and means of fighting cancer. The achievements of scientists and doctors are embodied in new treatment protocols that are used by the best oncological clinics in Europe, Israel and Turkey.

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Diagnostic and treatment programs

Types of oncology treatment abroad

When determining a cancer treatment plan, doctors take into account:

  • Type of cancer.
  • Stage.
  • Location and size of the tumor.
  • The presence of metastases.
  • Age category of the patient.

Cancer treatment abroad is successfully performed by several methods that have proven themselves in practical oncology, having gone through a long path of research and testing.
The main methods of oncology treatment in clinics abroad:

  • Surgery is the removal of the tumor by surgery.
  • Radiation therapy is the treatment with ionizing radiation, including brachytherapy.
  • Chemotherapy – the use of gentle chemicals to stop the process of tumor growth.
  • Targeted therapy is a set of medications with a narrowly targeted action. The drugs destroy cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.
  • Immunotherapy is the use of drugs that recognize tumor cells and direct the immune system to fight them.

Before starting a course of treatment in foreign clinics, doctors conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and determine the optimal treatment plan for each patient. Many Ukrainians come to clinics in Turkey, Israel and Germany for cancer treatment and subsequent rehabilitation. Their choice is due to the presence in foreign hospitals of oncology departments with the latest generation equipment, a staff of high-class doctors and treatment programs at an affordable cost.

Advantages of oncology treatment abroad

  1. Surgical interventions are aimed at eliminating the tumor and preserving organs.
  2. High level of development of drug therapy.
  3. Regular updating of the material and technical base, development of new technologies and methods of cancer treatment.
  4. Comfortable conditions in hospitals.
  5. Qualified medical staff.
  6. Affordable prices for diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnosis of oncology abroad

Ukrainian patients, along with citizens of other countries, prefer foreign diagnostics. Thorough examinations, correct diagnosis and treatment with modern medicine have proved the effectiveness of European oncology and the skill of Israeli specialists. The recovery rate of cancer patients after treatment in clinics in Israel and Germany reaches 90%.

Extensive technical capabilities for diagnosing oncological diseases, the availability of highly qualified specialists and a rich research base allow clinics abroad to detect cancer at an early stage.
Procedures for oncological diagnostics abroad, which are most often used by oncologists:

  • Blood test for tumor markers.
  • Biopsy.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis of cancer.
  • MRI.
  • Oncological Check-up.
  • PET-CT.

Oncology prices abroad

The clinics presented in our catalog provide highly qualified medical services for the treatment of oncology abroad.
The cost of oncology treatment varies both by clinic and by country.
The most reasonable prices for oncology treatment, according to patients from Ukraine, in Israel, in Germany, cancer therapy will cost more. But it is worth noting that the cost of treatment in foreign hospitals is fully compensated by the results obtained, the level of service and the conditions provided for placing the patient.
The estimated cost of oncology treatment procedures in the leading clicks in this area is presented below:

  • Oncologist consultation: 960 USD.
  • Immunotherapy: 1140 USD.
  • Radiation therapy: 4400 USD.
  • Radioiodine therapy: 13100-16200 USD.
  • Targeted therapy: 1500-5000 USD.
  • Chemotherapy: 300 USD.

Recommendations for choosing a clinic for the treatment of oncological diseases abroad

When choosing a clinic for the treatment of oncology, you need to pay attention to the following features of medical centers abroad:

  • Hospital versatility. Narrow specialization limits the possibilities for joint development of a treatment plan by doctors of different profiles. In large centers, the medical team includes specialists in radiology, diagnosticians, and oncosurgeons.
  • Availability of modern equipment for all relevant types of therapy.
  • The use of progressive methods of treatment, the availability of a wide range of procedures and manipulations that contribute to the effective fight against cancer.

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