Medical care in Germany is an example of the availability of the highest quality services for patients with different income levels, a modern approach to diagnosing various diseases and the use of the latest methods of treatment.

We recommend that Ukrainian citizens who need quality medicine consider popular German clinics for the treatment of diseases or rehabilitation.

About 70,000 foreign patients come to the country every year, attracted by the opportunity to get an authoritative second opinion regarding their disease, to take advantage of the widest technical potential of specialized diagnostic centers and the moderate cost of treatment in Germany.

Prices for procedures


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Diagnostic and treatment programs

Advantages and features of treatment in Germany

System approach at work

The country’s clinics have developed a system of an integrated approach to treating patients. In the process of therapy, specialists from different medical fields closely interact with each other and, if necessary, seek help from colleagues from research institutes, universities and specialized laboratories.

Progressive methods of treatment in Germany

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Therefore, the level of medicine here has reached the highest levels, which is largely facilitated by the availability of advanced methods and means of treatment, the introduction of the latest scientific developments in the field of medical technology and a fundamental educational base.

State control over patient care in Germany

The healthcare system in the country is under the control of the relevant state bodies, which monitor the availability of accreditation, certification and implementation of established treatment protocols. Clinics focused on the reception of foreign citizens are under the special attention of regulatory organizations. Therefore, most often medical tourists from Ukraine choose safe treatment in German clinics.

The popularity of German medicine

Thoughtful organization of the treatment process, thorough diagnostics and advanced technologies in the service of medicine are the key to the success of German doctors. The scrupulousness, punctuality and commitment inherent in the Germans also work well for the image of doctors and hospitals in general. The country does not lack qualified personnel and occupies one of the leading places in the world in terms of the number of doctors per capita.

Comfortable conditions of German hospitals

For patients in hospitals, clinics are equipped with cozy wards and conditions for staying as close to home as possible. The atmosphere in German hospitals is conducive to positive emotions, which helps to speed up the process of rehabilitation of patients.

The cost of treatment in Germany

The German pricing policy in the field of medicine is characterized by flexibility, transparency and accessibility for a wide range of patients. According to the reviews of Ukrainian patients treated in local clinics, the cost of procedures in Germany corresponds to the quality of their implementation and effectiveness.

Leading directions and procedures in Germany

The most popular among Ukrainian patients in German clinics is the direction of diagnostics, because only experienced diagnosticians who have many years of clinical experience take part in all stages of the examination.

The doctors of the country work effectively in all fields of medicine and perform unique surgical interventions, apply conservative methods of treatment and universal possibilities of radiotherapy. The following medical directions are considered the most popular among patients from Ukraine:

  • Diagnostics.
  • Cardiology.
  • Oncology.
  • Orthopedics.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • Rehabilitology.

To achieve high results in the rehabilitation of patients in German hospitals, the following procedures are used:

  • Bone marrow biopsy.
  • Visualization of tumors.
  • Replacement of the knee joint.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Bone resection.
  • Removal of lymphangiomas.

Our managers will tell you how to choose a clinic in Germany, where you can undergo a course of diagnostics and treatment at an affordable price.

Prices for treatment in Germany

The cost of treatment in Germany for Ukrainians, as well as for citizens from other countries, consists of a combination of individual parameters of the patient: the state of human health, diagnosis, stage of the disease, concomitant diseases, age.

Having decided on the diagnosis, the attending physician will prescribe a course of therapy, choose the method of treatment and the necessary list of procedures. Most of the prices for procedures in Germany are at the level of the world average.
Here is a list of standard procedures (with prices) offered in German clinics:

  • Cardio Check-up: 1990 USD.
  • Orthopedist-traumatologist consultation: 295 USD.
  • PET-CT with Galium 68(DOTATATE): 2577 USD.
  • Aortic stenting: from 17270 USD.
  • Breast augmentation: 11813 USD.
  • Chemoembolization of the liver: 7028 USD.

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