Israel is one of the world leaders in medical tourism, which Ukrainian citizens prefer to choose for the treatment of diseases, pathologies and comprehensive diagnostics of the body. And such a choice is absolutely justified, since this is a country of innovative technologies, a high educational level of doctors and large-scale state funding of medical institutions.

Patients of Israeli clinics are surrounded by the constant attention of doctors with vast clinical experience, rehabilitators and junior medical staff providing first-class patient care.

Israeli clinics are an example of an excellent organization of the treatment process, impeccable equipment of institutions with unique microsurgical and endoscopic equipment, and an individual approach to treating patients.

Prices for procedures


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Diagnostic and treatment programs

Advantages and features of treatment in Israel

Acceptable price of treatment in Israel

The cost of Israeli medical services is one third lower than in German or American clinics. This factor makes therapy in Israel more accessible to Ukrainian citizens.

The level of professionalism of doctors

The qualifications of the staff of public and private hospitals are at the same high level and exceed the average European indicators for the industry.

Financing of the medical sphere

Medicine in Israel is given priority by the state, clinics and research institutions receive subsidies and grants for the development of new areas and methods. This contributes to:

  • constant updating of the high-tech instrumental base of clinics, regardless of the form of ownership;
  • maintaining high standards of patient care;
  • maintaining a minimum level of mortality among children;
  • the world’s best cancer patient survival rate;
  • introduction of best practices in the field of stem cell transplantation, diagnostics;
  • keeping the cost of treatment going up.

Personalized medicine

Another feature of therapy in Israel, which qualitatively distinguishes its medicine from common European practice. Here, each patient is assigned an individual treatment regimen, based on his state of health and vital signs, which is more acceptable for patients from Ukraine.

Duration of inpatient treatment in Israel

The well-established treatment process, the availability of innovative equipment and the qualifications of doctors make it possible to carry out the necessary procedures and rehabilitation of the patient in the shortest possible time, even after complex surgical interventions. Diagnosis is usually carried out on an outpatient basis.

No language barrier

Some of the staff speaks several languages, including Ukrainian and Russian.

Leading directions and procedures in Israel

Israeli doctors are professionals in all areas of medicine, but they have achieved particular results in the fight against cancer, the treatment of diseases of the spinal column, and various check-up programs. In addition, patients from Ukraine come to Israel to treat diseases in the following areas:

  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery.
  • reproductive medicine.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • Neurosurgery.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Surgical orthopedics.

Doctors of Israeli clinics effectively use the widest possibilities of the latest medical equipment to conduct examinations and treat many diseases. On the pages of Israeli clinics posted on our website, you can get acquainted with the full list of procedures, programs and analyzes offered to patients and order their implementation. Here are a few of them:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis for breast cancer: 3900-7300 USD.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis of leukemia: 7000-10000 USD.
  • Heart valve replacement: 35000 USD.
  • Radioiodine therapy: 9400-11000 USD.
  • Open rhinoplasty: 12000 USD.
  • Liver transplant: 45000 USD.

Prices for treatment in Israel

The cost of treatment in Israel depends on several components: the clinic, the disease, the need for rehabilitation, the package of procedures. It is worth noting that even the most severe forms of diseases in Israel are treated cheaper than in other developed countries of the world. The range of prices for a course of treatment for each individual case will vary depending on the diagnosis of the patient. Therefore, the cost of procedures is usually not indicated, but is already announced on an individual request.

Medical tourists from Ukraine choose Israeli clinics because of the efficiency, availability of medical services and their affordable cost, which is up to 30% lower than in European hospitals.
The price of inpatient treatment in Israel varies slightly in private and public hospitals due to the availability of additional service options and accommodation conditions.

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