Tila clinic

Tila clinic is a brilliant example of a successful combination of an ultra-modern clinic and an elite health complex. The clinic is part of a group of companies at the Institute of Cell Therapy. Tila clinic specialists see their mission in the effective restoration of health and harmonization of the internal state of patients.

Year of foundation
Number of Rooms

About clinic

Tila clinic provides guests with an exclusive opportunity to improve the body, get a boost of energy and relax comfortably without leaving the capital. The treatment process is based on the achievements of the Institute of Cell Therapy in that field of medicine.

Tila is a territory of innovation and high technology, a special innovative medical complex, where, along with high-quality medical services, a number of Wellness programs and the opportunity to spend a relaxing holiday in luxurious rooms are provided.
Tila clinic specialization:

  • Anti-aging therapy.
  • Body detoxification.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Immunocorrection.
  • Weight control.

Tila clinic occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian market of medical services in the introduction of the latest methods from the field of biotechnology into medical practice, including immunomodulatory, health-improving and restorative orientation.
The clinic has achieved high results in the use of placenta extract for medicinal purposes and as a means for rejuvenating the body.

The clinic's specialists conduct highly effective injections, classes in the fitness center and spa area. A wide range of cosmetic services using placental medicine is available to guests.
Tila clinic is an exclusive example of a comprehensive and modern approach to the improvement of the body. It offers not only medical and preventive complexes, but also a special restaurant menu. The diet for each patient is developed by a nutritionist, taking into account the personal preferences of the guest and health indications.

All branches of the medicine in clinic

Prices for procedures


Abdominal ultrasound Price on request
Analysis for thyroid hormones (including T3 / T4 / TSH) Price on request
Antibodies to the hepatitis a virus Price on request
Biochemical blood test Price on request
Blood glucose test Price on request
Blood plasma test Price on request
Blood test for hormonal profile Price on request
Consultation of a cardiologist Price on request
Consultation of a therapist Price on request
Consultation of a urologist Price on request
Consultation of gastroenterologist Price on request
Consultation with a nutritionist Price on request
Creatinine levels Price on request
CT Price on request
Determining thyroid function (analysis for TSH - hormone) Price on request
ECG Price on request
ECHO-KG (Doppler / Mode B / M) Price on request
Endocrinologist's consultation Price on request
Genetic screening Price on request
Gynecologist's consultation Price on request
Laboratory tests Price on request
Orthopaedic consultation Price on request
Proctologist's consultation Price on request
Scrotal ultrasound with dopplerography Price on request
The level of parathyroid hormone Price on request
Thyroid ultrasound Price on request
Transrectal ultrasound Price on request
Transvaginal ultrasound Price on request
Ultrasound Price on request
Ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis Price on request
Ultrasound of the carotid arteries Price on request
Ultrasound of the heart Price on request
Vitamin B12 test Price on request


A stimulating anti-aging treatment based on honey components and enzymes 2200 USD
Acutrol treatment / Deep Cleansing / accelerated healing 1600 USD
Anti-aging enzyme therapy 2200 USD
Anti-cellulite massage 1700 USD
Anti-cellulite ritual - " Honey glaze" 1500 USD
Atraumatic cleaning of the face 2000 USD
Balinese therapeutic SPA treatment / massage - "Motorical 800 USD
Botulinum toxin therapy From 3000 USD
Contour plastic From 7000 USD
Contrast lifting this Express treatment 2000 USD
Deep-tissue massage 1000 USD
DMK Bihaku-lightening and renewal of the stratum corneum of the skin 1600 USD
Eliminare procedure / deep pore cleansing / elimination of post-acne phenomena 2100 USD
Fast and safe procedure - peeling " Lunchtime "(face) 1400 USD
General body massage 1500 USD
Glycol peeling (face / neck / decollete) 1200 USD
Glycol peeling (face) 600 USD
Hammam From 1000 USD
Hydradermie procedure-acne removal 2000 USD
Improvement of blood circulation of the skin / alignment and compaction of the stratum corneum of the skin of the face 1700 USD
Injection cosmetology for the body From 3000 USD
Lifting Express procedure 1000 USD
Lunchtime peeling (face / neck / decollete) 2800 USD
Lymphatic drainage massage-removal of excess fluid from the body 850 USD
Lymphatic drainage-elimination of facial edema 2000 USD
Massage / correction volume of the body "Modeling" 1000 USD
Melanotech brightening treatment 1700 USD
Mesotherapy From 1000 USD
Mesotherapy with placenta extract (1 ml ) 4000 USD
Placental mask 3000 USD
Post-peeling procedure / enhancing regenerative processes - "Lift Off" 1500 USD
Prana respiratory massage — deep relaxation and recovery of the body 700 USD
Pro-Alpha-6-layer acid peeling (face / neck / decollete) 5800 USD
Pro-Alpha-6-layer acid peeling (face) 2900 USD
Procedure for effective cleansing with soothing and soothing effect - " Clean Skin» 2200 USD
Prozyme enzyme peeling (face / neck / decollete) 1400 USD
Sauna From 1000 USD
Skin cell renewal with Prozyme peeling and Enzyme therapy 1500 USD
Soothing and rejuvenating treatment / restoration of "stressed" skin — " Harmony» 1500 USD
Soothing anti-age treatment using enzyme peeling 2200 USD
Strengthening of blood vessels and skin renewal 1700 USD
The procedure of maximum lifting of facial contours 1800 USD
Therapeutic massage of the back and collar area 850 USD
Therapy for the health of the back "sushumna" 2000 USD
Treatment of demodecosis with benzoyl peroxide and skin cleansing with enzymes 1200 USD
Treatment of pigmentation with alkaline Wash 1900 USD
Treatment with desquamation (alkaline peeling) (face / neck / decollete) 3600 USD
Treatment with desquamation (alkaline peeling) (face) 1800 USD
Vascular training / pronounced face lifting 1700 USD
Wrapping and mineralization 1500 USD

Diagnostic and treatment programs

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