Anti-aging therapy. Rejuvenation


Information about the program


  • Consultation of an anti-age therapist and specialized specialists.
  • Laboratory diagnostics of the body.
  • Comprehensive instrumental examination.


  • Drug therapy:
    • Intravenous detox therapy with injections of antioxidants, hepatoprotectors and vitamin preparations.
    • Taking medications to relieve intoxication, purify blood vessels and normalize the natural processes of the body.
    • Natural supplements, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Placental therapy – therapeutic injections of placenta extract, which have a long-term immunomodulatory, restorative and rejuvenating effect.

Health services

  • Aesthetic procedures:
    • Placental masks.
    • Lymphatic drainage facial massage and enzyme therapy.
    • Lifting beauty treatments using premium brands.
    • The basic program can be supplemented with botulinum therapy, biorevitalization, injections of drugs for facial contouring, injections of lipolytic and lifting drugs.
  • Services:
    • SPA and wellness treatments.
    • Of acupressure and reflexology.
    • Wrap and mineralization of the body.
    • Sauna and hamam.
    • Author's and therapeutic massages.
  • Detox nutrition:
    • A menu developed individually by a nutritionist.
    • Daily intake of natural biologically active mixtures.
    • Training in a conscious nutrition system.
  • Fitness:
    • Morning workouts for an active start to the day.
    • Personal classes.


The duration of the program is 7 days.

24/7 support

  • Personal coordinator.
  • Travel organization: booking tickets and hotel at a reduced price from our partners.
  • Protecting the patient’s interests throughout the trip to the clinic.
Price: 99000 USD
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