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Acibadem Medical Centers Network is one of the best private groups in Turkey. For many years, the hospital network has topped the lists of specialized national ratings as the country's leading medical center. The clinics of the network are located in different cities, but the largest are in Istanbul, Bodrum, Ankara.

The network hospitals provide Turkish citizens and foreign patients with a wide range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in accordance with international quality standards.

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About clinic

Acibadem's network includes 21 clinics, 16 polyclinics and several support services units. An extensive international group - a prestigious center for the provision of medical services, which has an excellent reputation, positive reviews and recommendations from patients. The clinics of the network occupy leading positions among other medical institutions in Turkey and the world. Patients here are guaranteed high-quality modern medical care, optimal care and high-quality service. Istanbul is Acibadem's largest hub, as a number of the group's clinics are located here. The most popular are: Altunizade, Maslak, Taksim, Atakent (Altunizade, Atakent, Maslak, Taksim).

The competitive advantage of the network clinics is created by a skillful combination in medical practice of such factors as the introduction of new developments and classical standards in the areas of oncology, cardiology, robotic surgery, IVF, transplantation, rehabilitation.

High rates of treatment efficiency are ensured by a highly professional staff and the constant introduction of new methods into the treatment process.Thanks to this, an increasing number of patients choose the Acıbadem network for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases.

Network clinics in Istanbul were able to reach the world level in the treatment of the most complex diseases of various nature by focusing on the use of new generation medical equipment and careful selection of highly professional staff of diversified specialists.

All structural divisions of Acıbadem hospitals are motivated to the maximum extent possible to constantly improve the quality of services provided to Turkish patients and citizens of other countries.

All branches of the medicine in clinic

Prices for procedures


4D breast ultrasound Price on request
Analysis for thyroid hormones (including T3 / T4 / TSH) Price on request
Biochemical blood test Price on request
Biopsy Price on request
Blood test for hormonal profile Price on request
Body composition analysis Price on request
Bone marrow aspiration Price on request
Bone marrow biopsy Price on request
Bronchoscopy Price on request
Check-up for children 260 USD
Check-up for men 2475 USD
Colonoscopy Price on request
Coronarography Price on request
Coronary artery CT scan Price on request
Cystoscopy of the bladder / urethra / kidneys Price on request
Dopplerography Price on request
DSA Price on request
ECG at rest and with load Price on request
ECHO of the heart Price on request
Full-body MRI Price on request
Genetic screening Price on request
Immunohysthochemist Price on request
Mastopexy Price on request
PET-CT Price on request
Retrograde cholangiopancreatography Price on request
Smear from the urethra or prostatic secretions by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Price on request
Stress cardiotest Price on request
Thyroid Function Tests (including T3 / T4 / TSH) Price on request
Urine test Price on request


Abdominoplasty Price on request
Amputation of the limb Price on request
Arthroscopic knee reconstruction Price on request
Arthroscopic menisqueectomy Price on request
Artificial insemination (IVF) Price on request
Atherectomy Price on request
Botofill Price on request
Brachytherapy Price on request
Bypass Price on request
Cardiac catheterization Price on request
Cornea transplant Price on request
Coronary angioplasty Price on request
Dowel Price on request
Extirpation of the rectum Price on request
Finding a donor for an allogeneic transplant from an unrelated donor Price on request
Installation of composite (straight) veneers Price on request
Installing ceramic veneers Price on request
Installing the stent Price on request
Liposuction Price on request
Liver transplant 70000 USD
MAKO-plastic Price on request
Massage of the connective tissue Price on request
Mastectomy Price on request
Operations on the brain 20000 USD - 45000 USD
Radiation therapy Price on request
Sperm donation Price on request
Stem cell therapy Price on request
Stretching face massage Price on request
Surgical treatment of epilepsy 45000 USD
The prosthesis of thoracic aorta Price on request

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