Földi is a specialized clinic that provides a wide range of high quality services for the treatment of various diseases of the lymphatic system. Földiklinik is considered one of the best specialized hospitals in Germany, which has a large hospital with comfortable accommodation and facilities for outpatient treatment of complex diseases of the lymphatic vessels, oncology and post-hospital rehabilitation.

Year of Foundation

About clinic

The Földi multidisciplinary clinic enjoys great prestige among well-known representatives of the medical community and patients due to the success of its team in the treatment of many serious diseases and pathologies. Experienced doctors introduce the practice of an interdisciplinary approach into the treatment process. A joint team of doctors with different specializations is more dynamic in solving non-standard situations, making diagnoses and deciding on a treatment regimen. Medical teams include: lymphologists, surgeons, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, nutritionists and therapists.

When a patient with a particularly rare type of disease or a severe course of the disease is admitted to the clinic, specialized doctors from the University of Freiburg are invited to the consultation for additional consultation. University specialists provide significant support to the clinic, effectively using the capabilities of the institution's latest technical base and the knowledge gained in the course of studying innovative technologies.

A highly professional team of clinic specialists in medical practice relies on international treatment standards, the latest medical techniques and applies humanistic principles in the provision of medical care.

The package of medical services provided in Földi is quite wide. This includes treatment with the use of medications, and physiotherapy procedures, surgical interventions and emergency care.

The clinic was founded by experienced research doctors Michael and Etelka Földi. They, occupying professorships, effectively investigate the causes of diseases of the lymphatic system. Their productive activity brought the specialized hospital to the first place not only in Germany, but also to the leading positions in the world.

All branches of the medicine in clinic

Prices for procedures


24-hour ECG Price on request
Abdominal ultrasound Price on request
Bariatric consultation Price on request
Clinical examination Price on request
Color-coded duplex sonography Price on request
Consultation of gastroenterologist Price on request
Consultation with a lymphologist Price on request
Consultation with a nutritionist Price on request
Consultation with a psychologist Price on request
Consultation with a psychotherapist Price on request
CT Price on request
Diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome Price on request
Dopplerography Price on request
Duplex sonography of arteries and veins Price on request
ECG Price on request
Echocardiography Price on request
Endocrinologist's consultation Price on request
Fluorescent scintigraphy Price on request
Gynecologist's consultation Price on request
Laboratory research Price on request
Lymphoscintigraphy Price on request
MRI Price on request
Pediatrician's consultation Price on request
Phlebologist's consultation Price on request
Rehabilitation consultation Price on request
Rheography Price on request
Soft tissue ultrasound Price on request
Sonography of lymphedema Price on request
Special lymphological functional tests Price on request
Stress echocardiography of the heart Price on request
Study of lung function Price on request
Thyroid ultrasound Price on request
X-ray Price on request

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