Medical Center named after him.Sourasky (Ichilov)

Medical Center. Sourasky (Ichilov) is one of the largest government institutions in Israel. The leading areas of activity, which are the treatment of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous system. In the Forbes list of the best doctors in the world, doctors from the center are in the top five.

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About clinic

Medical Center. Sourasky was founded in 1914 and until 1973 was named "Ichilov Hospital". The huge complex is spread over one and a half thousand square meters, it includes a central clinic, a rehabilitation department and a pediatric clinic "Dana", a women's clinic "Lis" and a cardiological center named after. Offer. In addition, the Sourasky Center specializes in research work in the field of medicine.

A significant proportion of the clinic's patients are people with benign and malignant tumors. Throughout the year, up to 400,000 people receive a complex of medical services of the highest level in the clinic. According to statistics, surgeons of the medical center annually perform up to 34,000 surgical interventions of various kinds.

Experts from the reputable American news magazine Newsweek in the ranking of the best clinics for medical tourism put Israeli Ichilov in the first row of priority hospitals.

All branches of the medicine in clinic

Prices for procedures


Abdominal MRI with contrast Price on request
Advanced laboratory diagnostics of HIV 3800 USD - 4000 USD
Advice with a treatment plan 650 USD
Analysis for thyroid hormones (including T3 / T4 / TSH) Price on request
Analysis of the BRAF gene mutation Price on request
Anesthesiologist's consultation 700 USD
Angiography Price on request
Appendectomy Price on request
Audiometry Price on request
Basic Check-up 1500 USD
Biochemical blood test Price on request
Biopsy Price on request
Biopsy of "watch" lymph nodes 1850 USD
Blood glucose test Price on request
Blood test for cancer markers Price on request
Blood test for HLA-B27 antigen 650 USD
Blood test for hormonal profile Price on request
Blood test for PSA 35 USD
Blood tests for lymphoma 310 USD
Bone marrow biopsy Price on request
Bone marrow biopsy with cytogenetic analysis 2600 USD
Brain biopsy 24000 USD
Cancer Check-up for men 1700 USD
Cancer Check-up for women 1700 USD
Cardio Check-up 2200 USD
Check-up for children 900 USD
Check-up for men Price on request
Check-up Program Premium 5700 USD
Chest CT Price on request
Coagulogram 85 USD
Colonoscopy Price on request
Colonoscopy with biopsy Price on request
Colposcopy 920 USD
Colposcopy with biopsy Price on request
Comprehensive breast cancer diagnosis 3900 USD - 7300 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis for cervical cancer 4000 USD - 5700 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis for ovarian cancer Price on request
Comprehensive diagnosis for skin cancer Price on request
Comprehensive diagnosis for stomach cancer 3900 USD - 5450 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of autism Price on request
Comprehensive diagnosis of colorectal pathology Price on request
Comprehensive diagnosis of epilepsy 3640 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of leukemia 3500 USD - 10000 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of lung cancer 5600 USD - 8700 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of multiple sclerosis 4590 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of Parkinson's disease 4500 USD - 6000 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of prostate cancer 2400 USD - 6300 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of rhabdomyosarcoma 3900 USD - 5450 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of squint 1300 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of the heart and blood vessels 2200 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of thyroid cancer 3400 USD - 4000 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of West syndrome 3640 USD
Comprehensive HIV diagnosis 4900 USD
Comprehensive Oncology Diagnosis 3500 USD
Comprehensive thyroid diagnosis 2980 USD
Consultation of a cardiologist 700 USD
Consultation of a dermatologist Price on request
Consultation of a nephrologist 700 USD
Consultation of a neurosurgeon Price on request
Consultation of a therapist 650 USD
Consultation of a urologist 700 USD - 850 USD
Consultation of an ophthalmologist Price on request
Consultation of an otolaryngologist 650 USD
Consultation of gastroenterologist 650 USD
Consultation of oncohematologist 800 USD - 1000 USD
Consultation of orthopaedic traumatologist 650 USD
Consultation with a surgeon Price on request
Coronary artery CT scan 1840 USD
CT of one anatomical area 540 USD - 780 USD
CT of the abdominal cavity Price on request
CT of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs Price on request
CT of the large intestine Price on request
CT sinuses Price on request
Dermatoscopy 440 USD
Diagnosis of the eye with a slit lamp 130 USD
Dopplerography 450 USD
EEG (Electroencephalography) Price on request
EEG of wakefulness with transition to sleep Price on request
Electromyography (EMG) 690 USD
Endocrinologist's consultation Price on request
Endoscopic ultrasound Price on request
Fibrocavitory 440 USD
Flash CT 740 USD
Fluorescein angiography of the retina 390 USD
Focus Onco test 4300 USD
Fusion Prostate Biopsy Price on request
Genetic examination Price on request
Gynecologist's consultation Price on request
Hepatologist's consultation 650 USD
HLA-typing 1600 USD
Holter monitoring 140 USD
Hysteroscopy 1200 USD
Immunohysthochemist 1320 USD
Immunologist advice Price on request
Infectious Disease Consultant 700 USD
Kidney biopsy 1400 USD
Laboratory tests 390 USD
Lung biopsy 2890 USD
Mammography Price on request
Mammologist's consultation 650 USD
Measuring brain's auditory potentials 440 USD
Measuring visual acuity 90 USD
MRI of one department 1450 USD
MRI of the abdominal cavity Price on request
MRI of the brain 1450 USD
MRI of the brain and spine with contrast 3500 USD
MRI of the brain with contrast Price on request
MRI of the brain with contrast (FLAIR mode) 1450 USD
MRI of the brain with contrast (MS diagnostic protocol) 1450 USD
MRI of the lumbar department 1450 USD
Neurologist's advice Price on request
OCT (Optical coherent tomography) 440 USD
Oncologist's advice 960 USD
Online consultation with an epileptologist 1100 USD
Online oncologist advice 700 USD - 1400 USD
Ophthalmoscopy 240 USD
Orthopaedic consultation Price on request
Ovarian biopsy Price on request
Pancreatic biopsy 1500 USD
Pediatrician's consultation 650 USD
Pelvic CT scan Price on request
PET CT with Gaul 68 (DOTA) 2650 USD
PET CT with Gaul 68 (DOTATATE) 8700 USD
PET-CT in breast cancer 1580 USD
PET-CT in lung cancer 1580 USD
PET-CT with Gaul 68 (PSMA) 2700 USD
Preoperative diagnosis of cataracts 1200 USD
Preoperative heart diagnosis 1500 USD - 3000 USD
Prostate biopsy under truss control Price on request
Radiologist's advice 650 USD
Review of MRI results 630 USD
Revision of histological material 650 USD
Rheumatologist's consultation 650 USD - 800 USD
Scintigraphy Price on request
Semen Price on request
Sighting X-rays 140 USD
Somatostatin receptor scintigraphy Price on request
SPECT of the brain 5800 USD
Spine X-ray Price on request
Survey of the recipient before TCM Price on request
Thyroid biopsy Price on request
Thyroid ultrasound Price on request
Transrectal ultrasound Price on request
Transvaginal ultrasound Price on request
Trepan biopsy 2300 USD
TUR of the bladder Price on request
Ultrasound 300 USD - 700 USD
Urine test 190 USD
Urodynamic study 540 USD - 3000 USD


Abdominoplasty 18000 USD
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor 188000 USD - 200000 USD
Amputation of the limb 13000 USD
Androgenic deprivation therapy Price on request
Angioplasty of the heart vessels Price on request
Aortic aneurysm surgery Price on request
Aortocoronary bypass 25000 USD - 40000 USD
ApiFix implantation 45000 USD
Argon plasma coagulation of Barrett's esophagus Price on request
Artificial insemination (IVF) 8300 USD
Atherectomy Price on request
Ballooning of the stomach 6240 USD
BCJ-immunotherapy Price on request
Biological therapy 300 USD
Birth Price on request
Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) 13000 USD
Bone grafting Price on request
Bone marrow transplant 90000 USD - 188000 USD
Bone resection Price on request
Bone resection with replacement with implant Price on request
Brachytherapy 1300 USD
Brachytherapy for prostate cancer 24000 USD
Brachytherapy for uterine cancer 7300 USD
Breast Cancer Hormone Therapy 1100 USD
Broad excision of melanoma 14000 USD
Chemoembolization Price on request
Chemoembolization of the liver Price on request
Chemotherapy 300 USD
Chemotherapy for bladder cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for colon cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for laryngeal cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for liver cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for lung cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for lymphoma Price on request
Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for prostate cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for sarcoma 340 USD
Chemotherapy for stomach cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for testicular cancer 300 USD
Chemotherapy for uterine cancer 300 USD
Cholecystectomy Price on request
Closed rhinoplasty 11000 USD
Colectomy (colon resection) 15000 USD - 20000 USD
Complex treatment of neuroblastoma 60000 USD
Comprehensive treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma 60000 USD
Conization of the cervix with biopsy 2500 USD - 4000 USD
Cornea transplant 13000 USD
Coronary stenting 18500 USD
Craniotomy 24000 USD
Cryotherapy 18000 USD
Cyber knife 18000 USD
Da Vinci's robotic system 25000 USD - 30000 USD
Deletion of glioma Price on request
Destruction of bundles by catheter (electrophysiology) Price on request
Discectomy 20000 USD
Drug treatment of Parkinson's disease Price on request
Dystal pancreaticectomy 38000 USD
Enucleation of the eye Price on request
Esophagectomy 18000 USD
Eviplera 1066 USD
Femoral-popliteal bypass surgery Price on request
Focused Ultrasound Ablation (HIFU) Price on request
Foraminotomy Price on request
Gamma Knife 20000 USD - 25000 USD
Gamma knife in brain tumor 19000 USD - 23000 USD
Gastrectomy 27000 USD
Gastroenterostomy Price on request
Gendevra 1470 USD
Heart valve plastic Price on request
HIFU therapy for prostate cancer 12020 USD
Hip arthroscopy Price on request
Hip replacement 17000 USD - 21000 USD
HIPEC intra-abdominal chemotherapy 45160 USD - 60000 USD
Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) 19000 USD - 27300 USD
Hysterectomy with Da Vinci robot 24000 USD
Immunotherapy 1140 USD
Immunotherapy for breast cancer 1300 USD
Immunotherapy for kidney cancer Price on request
Immunotherapy for lung cancer 1300 USD
Immunotherapy for prostate cancer 2500 USD
Installing a cochlear implant 43000 USD
Intra-erterial chemotherapy 1100 USD
Intrabim (Intraoperative Radiotherapy) Price on request
Kidney resection Price on request
Knee arthroscopy Price on request
Knee replacement 17000 USD - 21000 USD
Ksofigo Radi-223 8300 USD
Laparoscopic prostatectomy Price on request
Laryngectomy 8300 USD
Laser surgery for cervical cancer Price on request
Laser surgery for larynx cancer 13500 USD
Laser vision correction 9300 USD
Lengthening of the crown part of the tooth Price on request
Liver resection Price on request
Liver transplant 45000 USD
Lobectomy (removal of lung lobes) 24000 USD
Lymphadenectomy Price on request
Mastectomy Price on request
Medicinal treatment of epilepsy Price on request
Meningioma removal Price on request
Mole removal Price on request
Mose Microsurgical Surgery 4500 USD
Multiple subpial transfections Price on request
Myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids) Price on request
Okrevus (ocrilizumab) Price on request
Omoforectomy Price on request
Open rhinoplasty 12000 USD
Operation Wertheim 19000 USD
Operation Whipple 40000 USD - 45000 USD
Orhiectomy Price on request
Photocoagulation Price on request
Pregnancy Price on request
Prostate vaporization (Green Laser) Price on request
Prostatectomy 21000 USD - 25000 USD
Prostatectomy with Da Vinci robot Price on request
Radiation therapy 8000 USD
Radiation therapy for bowel cancer 16000 USD
Radiation therapy for breast cancer 17000 USD
Radiation therapy for cervical cancer 20000 USD - 25000 USD
Radiation therapy for larynx cancer Price on request
Radiation therapy for lung cancer 6000 USD
Radiation therapy for ovarian cancer 20000 USD - 25000 USD
Radiation therapy for prostate cancer 44000 USD - 60000 USD
Radiation therapy for rectal cancer 19000 USD
Radiation therapy for sarcoma 6000 USD - 12000 USD
Radiation therapy for testicular cancer 7000 USD
Radiation therapy for uterine cancer 17000 USD
Radiofrequency liver ablation Price on request
Radioiodtherapy 13100 USD - 16200 USD
Recection of the rectum 17000 USD
Removal of a pancreatic tumor 24000 USD
Removal of a spinal cord tumor 22000 USD
Removal of gastrointestinal polyps 1500 USD
Removal of medulloblastoma Price on request
Removal of melanoma Price on request
Removal of nephroblastoma Price on request
Removal of rhabdomyosarcoma Price on request
Removal of testicular tumor 6500 USD
Removal of the bladder with reconstruction 35000 USD
Removal of the kidney Price on request
Removal of the tumor and nerve of the eye Price on request
Repeated rhinoplasty (revision rhinoplasty) Price on request
Replacing the aortic valve 45000 USD
Replacing the heart valve 35000 USD
Resection of the large intestine 18000 USD - 24000 USD
Resection of the tumor of the larynx Price on request
Rhinoplasty (nose plastic) 10024 USD
Segmental lung resection 23000 USD
Septoplasty Price on request
Shoulder Joint Replacement 19000 USD
SIRT Liver 56000 USD
Small bowel resection Price on request
Sperm donation 1500 USD
Stereotactic radiosurgery Price on request
Subtotal thyroidectomy Price on request
Surgery for larynx cancer 45000 USD
Surgery for pancreatic cancer 32000 USD
Surgery for scoliosis Price on request
Surgery for stomach cancer 18000 USD - 30000 USD
Surgery for tongue cancer 14000 USD
Surgery to correct the squint Price on request
Surgical breast reconstruction 18000 USD
Surgical treatment of epilepsy 28000 USD
Targeted therapy 1500 USD - 5000 USD
Targeted therapy for lung cancer 2500 USD
The installation of a pacemaker Price on request
The lap-band 22000 USD
Thyroid resection Price on request
Thyroidectomy 19000 USD - 22000 USD
Tivii and Truvada 1500 USD
Trabeculotomy Price on request
Trachelectomy 18140 USD
Transnasal removal of the tumor Price on request
Transsphenoidal hypophysectomy (adenomectomy) Price on request
Trumpet (TrueBeam) Price on request
Truvada and Rezo 1270 USD
TUR (transurethral resection) of the prostate 20000 USD
Vagus nerve stimulation 30000 USD

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