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The network of private hospitals Medicana includes 13 clinics that successfully provide medical services to the population in 6 major Turkish cities. All hospitals of the group are multidisciplinary and include many departments where, at a high professional level, doctors treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system and oncology, perform liver, kidney and bone marrow transplants.

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Patients per year from 70 countries
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About clinic

In their practice, Medicana network specialists provide services to patients in many areas of medicine. The main reference point for them is the international quality standards of treatment and national therapy protocols, which are strictly observed by the Ministry of Health of the country.

The leading place in the activities of most clinics is assigned to reproductive medicine. Achievements in this medical direction are highly appreciated by specialists from other networks, and patients in their reviews recommend choosing treatment in Turkey.

Medicana is one of the leading medical networks in Turkey, which is developing productively in the direction of medical tourism. Thousands of foreign patients undergo treatment in Turkish clinics, who confidently trust their health to the competent doctors of the Medicana network. The professional assets of specialists include a wide range of high-tech medical technologies, methods of diagnosis and treatment, which they effectively use in their daily work.

All branches of the medicine in clinic

Prices for procedures


Analysis for thyroid hormones (including T3 / T4 / TSH) 150 USD
Appendectomy Price on request
Basic Check-up Price on request
Biopsy 1500 USD
Blood test for hormonal profile Price on request
Breast biopsy 1500 USD
Check-up for men 1000 USD
Check-up for women Price on request
Check-up Program Premium Price on request
Comprehensive breast cancer diagnosis 3000 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis for cervical cancer 3000 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis for stomach cancer 3000 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of prostate cancer 3000 USD
Comprehensive diagnosis of thyroid cancer 2500 USD
Comprehensive vision diagnostics 250 USD
Consultation of a dentist Price on request
Consultation of a neurosurgeon 110 USD
Consultation of a urologist Price on request
Consultation of gastroenterologist 110 USD
Consultation of oncohematologist Price on request
Consultation of orthopaedic traumatologist 110 USD
CT of one jaw (upper/lower) 100 USD
Endocrinologist's consultation Price on request
Gastroenterological diagnosis 1800 USD
Gastroscopy 1000 USD
Gastroscopy with biopsy 1000 USD
Genetic screening Price on request
Immunohysthochemist Price on request
Irrigoscopy Price on request
Kidney biopsy 1500 USD
Laboratory tests 500 USD
Liver biopsy 1500 USD
Mammography 180 USD
MRI of one department 450 USD
MRI of the brain 450 USD
MRI of the spine 1000 USD
Oncologist's advice Price on request
Ovarian biopsy Price on request
Pancreatic biopsy 1500 USD
Panoramic image of the mouth (orthopantomogram) 30 USD
Pelvic CT scan Price on request
Preoperative heart diagnosis 500 USD - 1500 USD
Scrotal ultrasound with dopplerography Price on request
Semen Price on request
Thyroid biopsy 1500 USD
Thyroid Function Tests (including T3 / T4 / TSH) Price on request
Thyroid ultrasound Price on request
Trepan biopsy Price on request
Ultrasound Price on request


Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation from a related donor Price on request
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor Price on request
Angioplasty Price on request
Aortocoronary bypass 10000 USD - 12500 USD
Artificial insemination (IVF) Price on request
Atherectomy Price on request
Autologous bone marrow transplant 40000 USD
Back liposuction Price on request
Belly liposuction 4000 USD
Birth 3500 USD
Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) 2000 USD - 3000 USD
Bone marrow transplant 40000 USD - 120000 USD
Breast augmentation Price on request
Breast lift 3000 USD
Buttock liposuction 2000 USD
Chemotherapy Price on request
Cholecystectomy Price on request
Closed rhinoplasty 3000 USD
Colonoscopy with the removal of polyp 1000 USD
Cornea transplant 6500 USD
Cyber knife for prostate cancer Price on request
Cyber knife in lung cancer 7500 USD
Dental implantation 1000 USD
Embryo Transfer Price on request
Esophagectomy Price on request
Gastric banding 10000 USD
Gastric bypass 10000 USD
Gastroscopy with the removal of polyps 1000 USD
Hair transplant Price on request
Hand liposuction 2000 USD
Hemorrhoidectomy 3000 USD
Hip arthroscopy Price on request
Hip liposuction 2000 USD
Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) 4000 USD - 4300 USD
Installation of composite (straight) veneers 500 USD
Installation of metal-ceramic crowns Price on request
Installing a cochlear implant Price on request
Installing an implant with a crown Price on request
Kidney resection 4000 USD - 8500 USD
Knee arthroscopy 3500 USD - 5000 USD
Knee liposuction 2000 USD
Knee replacement Price on request
Laryngectomy 4000 USD - 7000 USD
Liposuction 2000 USD - 4000 USD
Liver transplant 65000 USD
Mastectomy 2500 USD - 6000 USD
Mole removal Price on request
Myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids) 2500 USD - 4000 USD
Neck liposuction 2000 USD
Open rhinoplasty 3000 USD
Operation at Halius Valgus 5000 USD - 7500 USD
Operation in valgus deformity 5000 USD - 7500 USD
Operation Whipple 15000 USD
Orthognatic surgery 3500 USD
Phacoemulsification with IOL implantation Price on request
Pregnancy 2000 USD
Radiation therapy Price on request
Radiation therapy for cervical cancer 3000 USD - 9000 USD
Radiation therapy for larynx cancer Price on request
Radiation therapy for prostate cancer Price on request
Radiation therapy for rectal cancer Price on request
Radioiodtherapy Price on request
Recection of the rectum 8000 USD
Rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy Price on request
Removal of an ovarian cyst Price on request
Removal of testicular tumor Price on request
Repeated rhinoplasty (revision rhinoplasty) 6000 USD
Replacing the aortic valve 15000 USD
Replacing the heart valve 10000 USD - 15000 USD
Resection of the large intestine Price on request
Resection of the tumor of the larynx 4000 USD - 7000 USD
Rhinoplasty (nose plastic) 2500 USD - 3000 USD
Seamless fue hair transplant 1500 USD
Septoplasty 3000 USD
Shin liposuction 2000 USD
Side liposuction 2000 USD
Sinus lifting 110 USD - 230 USD
SIRT Liver 30000 USD
Stapedectomy Price on request
Stapler hemorrhoidopexy Price on request
Stomach resection Price on request
Surgery for scoliosis 18000 USD - 20000 USD
Surgery for stomach cancer 5000 USD - 8000 USD
Thyroid resection 5000 USD - 6000 USD
Thyroidectomy Price on request
Trabeculotomy Price on request
Transsphenoidal hypophysectomy (adenomectomy) Price on request
TUR (transurethral resection) of the prostate Price on request

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